Know your legend

Today I reached out to one of the most influential contributors to the aquatic hobby. I was delighted to receive a warm welcome and even more pleased when they agreed to do a small interview for me.

Throughout our wonderful hobby there are people that stand out. We have exceptional breeders, aquascapers, explorers, inventors and much more. Our hobby has come a long way since it began back in the 1800s. We owe a great debt to Pierre Carbonniere who was first bred tropical fish in Europe.

Heiko Bleher is one person that has dedicated his life to the aquatics hobby. His grandfather, mother and himself have all taken hundreds of expeditions into remote jungles to discover species of tropical fish that we all continue to keep today. Heiko has put his name to popular fish such as the rummy-nose tetra and many strains of Discus including the world famous royal blue species.

Today I was lucky enough to chat with Heiko and he agreed to do an interview for us. Next week I will be posting the full interview for Lothian Fishkeepers to find out a more about the living legend that is 'Mr Heiko Bleher'

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