And the winner is...

Well, tonight we look at the competition we have been running for 1 week and pick the top three winners. We are lucky that Lothian Fishkeepers has East Lothian Aquatics to sponsor our competitions. This means we can offer our winners some decent prizes....

This month we asked all members to offer up the best advice the could and which ever piece of advice received the highest amount of likes would win £25.00 store credit, with 2nd place receiving £20 and 3rd place £15 credit.

This is a great opportunity for some of our members to visit ELA and find out exactly what Phil has planned for the future of his traditional Aquatics store.

We will be closing voting etc by 9pm tonight and I will announce the winners shortly afterwards. This gives us just enough time to find a better winner than Davie Walls and his wife swindling advice (although i have to admit, it is utterly perfect and can apply to either wife or husband)

So good luck everyone and lets get busy!

Bye for now

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