CO2 ART DIY CO2 KIT - day 20

Hi everyone, 

I am nearly at the end of the CO2 Journey. I am three weeks into it now and I'm seeing a slow down of CO2 being generated by the sugar and yeast mix. This sis about right according to most recipes on the internet. Until now it has been very consistent and both 2 litre bottles have kept a good pressure and gave me no issues. I have not had any leakage, no co2 escaping via connections and most of all fantastic growth from all the plants in the 80 litre tank. 

I would say that all my plants have doubled in size in the three weeks since i introduced CO2. This growth was aided slightly by the plant substrate. I have only started dosing the tank with EI mixers this week too. After advice from fellow members and also CO2 Art themselves, I fully understand that CO2 alone only makes plants grow and become more hungry for nutrients. Without additional supplements, the plant will effectively starve to death. 

Moving on, my plan is to continue using the DIY Kit on my smaller tank along with EI Dosing and 50% water changes every weekend. i am confident this will produce the best possible growth/health balance with the plants I have.

True DIY kits can be hard to regulate but the CO2 Art kit has made that task very easy by introducing plastic bottle screw fittings. I have not had any leakage, even when shaking occasionally to activate yeast. If your planning a small planted tank, they i would definitely recommend buying one of these kits.

Its worth researching a little about the recipe and theory behind the production of CO2 to give you a better understanding of how the kit works. Once you have that knowledge, you can easily put together the equipment and have CO2 flowing into your aquarium within 24 hours of switching the valve on.

All the equipment required minus the sugar, yeast and plastic bottles are included in the kit i used. you can find it on the website here. The guys at CO2 Art offer a great support service  and free worldwide shipping for any orders over £20 on an order.

To summerise, Great kit, Great price, Great support and great results. Only negative element is absence of any instruction however this can be overcome with a quick ten minutes on google to get a rough idea and the CO2 staff are always unhand to speak to if you get stuck.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my experience, I know some of you have now took the plunge into CO2 yourself which is great. I would love to hear all about your experience too. please feel free to share your story on the Lothian Fishkeepers Facebook page.

Thank you to CO2 Art for all there help from  start to finish. 

My next move will be to hopefully in the near future, introduce pressurised CO2 into the 50g tank. Look out for that soon!

bye for now 

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