CO2 ART DIY KIT - Day thirteen

Is CO2 enough on its own? I am getting some serious growth from all my plants from the carpet to the lilly leaves on the surface. The colours have improved drastically and everything is nice and glossy.

However, I have noticed that my Red tiger lotus lily plant has began to fray away at the edges. This is getting worse and is on the majority of the plant. This set up only has Tropica plant substrate for nutrients along with the CO2 input. I think to prevent this happening I may have to introduce some additional supplements. 

EI dosing is something that can run alongside CO2 injection so I am considering beginning dosing as of next week. This should provide enough nutrients for the plants to recover and continue to thrive.

I have Micro and Macro EI dosing bottles which I am using on my main tank and I recently received a pack of dry refills for each bottle so I have enough to begin using it on the smaller tank upstairs. Because of the routine required, it makes sense to start dosing on the Monday. 

With all this growth, Its now time to get the scissors out. I have no idea how I'm going to trim the lilly plant although, I do know i will be removing all but one of the surface shoots. I do also need to trim back a lot of the taller plants at the back of the tank too. Some will go into the tank downstairs and Some will be heading elsewhere.

So, despite the slight setback with the lily leaves, Im still very happy with the DIY CO2 Kit and can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone who has a tank up to 80l

For more details regarding CO2 Kits go to 

Bye for now guys

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