EI Dosing - week two

After a full 5 days of EI dosing my main tank, I have just finished the big water change that's required to remove any excess nutrients before beginning another weeks dosing routine. The water change is an important part of the routine. The nutrients and minerals them self are not harmful however as the plants grow, so to does the organic waste they produce. This waste can build up over time and cause an algae bloom so the 50% water change dilutes this organic matter and prevents this from happening.

During the water change, I displaced some tissue cultures. I easily replanted all of the, except the Echinodorus Quadricostatus. I noticed the roots which Hague grown since I planted it. It had grown at least an inch of roots since going into the tank. I've decided this little plant is going into the smaller planted tank I have running with tropica plant substrate and also CO2 Art diy co2 kit.

I am going to do maintenance on the other tank this evening which will involve trimming a lot of plants back and Maybe some shuffling around if needed. I think ll put my peacock gudgeons in that tank and see if I have any luck breeding them.

So the Hortilab tissue cultures are all doing great and it is definitely time to return to Aquarium Gardens for some bigger plants to fill in the spaces.

Bye for now

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