Three weeks of EI dosing Tissue Cultures

Hi Guys,

Im not into my third week of using the EI dosing kits from CO2 ART in my main tank. I have notices some great growth on the Tissue cultures. Some have grown faster that others and some have began to melt away. I don't know If its something I've done or not done but my Echindorus Quadricostatus has now began to melt. This could be down to a few things really. My substrate, lighting and lack of CO2?
Echindorus Quadricostatus melting away
Echindorus Quadricostatus slowly melting

I personally think its because I don't have a plant substrate in this set up and it may be time for new tubes. Its worth noting that this is the only plant thats failed on me. As this is my first attempt at growing tissue cultures, I presume I've not provided the correct care.

On a more positive note, both my Pogostemon Helferi and my Cryptorotyne Pygmaea have shown great growth so far and have almost doubled in size. I am loving the way the Crypto seems to be creeping up the back of the red moor and the crinkled leaves of the Helferi is looking really nice and once that grows more it will be a nice bushy plant.

Pogostemon Helferi has settled in and began to grow well

I do need to plant something else in place of the Quadricostatus as this was intended to be the centre piece of the whole aquascape. I need a plant that can nestle into the base of the red moore and have bright leaves but will not grow very high. If you have any suggestions folks, I'd love to here them.

My plan for now it to continue with the current routine of EI dosing Monday to Friday and 50% water changes on the weekend. I will also be installing a Pressurised CO2 Kits at some point to help with growth.
Cryptorotyne Pygmaea 

Im happy with the results from these tissue cultures and would still recommend them to anybody who is creating an aquascape. Using tissue cultures gives you far more control over growth and design however they do take time to grow up and take effect. 

For more details on either the EI Dosing Kit from CO2 Art or the Hortilab Tissue Cultures from Aquarium Gardens, please click on there logos to the right of the page.

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