Building for the future

With the next table sale less than three weeks away, it's getting clear to me that Lothian Fishkeepers is getting bigger than I ever imagined. We are very lucky to have received lots of products to help build a fund for future events.

I have so far received DIY CO2 kits, EI easy dosing kits from CO2 Art. I have also got us some tissue culture pots from Hortilab too. All these items will be up for grabs at a tombola and I will make up a nice prize for a raffle too which will consist of a full diy co2 kit including defuser, bubble counter, co2 drop checker, air tubing and a selection of tissue cultures.

I have reviewed all of these items previously on our Facebook group and blog. For more details on these items, check out my archive.

Also up for grabs by raffle will he some hi grade Tiawan Bee shrimp and mixed colour F1/F2 courtesy of Gordon Rattray. I will have more details from Gordon later. He was hoping to exhibit his shrimp on our show but is now unfortunately unable to do so.

We will be selling bacon rolls, teas and coffees through the day with the help of my daughters. But be aware of thw bacon monster aka Liam Gilmour!!!

All the funds raised will be put towards improving the lothian Fishkeepers events and overall experience.

I would very much like to have some tshirts printed/embroidered with our logo but this will more likely be at the next again event or via the Facebook group in the near future.

Our group has grown very fast over the last year and I owe his all to the continued contribution from all our members so a big thank you.

Let's keep growing and most importantly keep sharing!

Bye for now.

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