Let me explain

I think yesterdays decision was the correct one and everybody agreed. However, me at my best, I don't think I worded it as clear as I could have and may have caused a little confusion at the same time. Let me clear things up and hopefully we can all move on and get back to what we enjoy.

First of all, Lothian Fishkeepers is a group for ALL fishkeepers. Its having a broad spectrum of aquarists in the group that makes it  great place for sharing advice and experiences. We have a wide range of experience amongst us. From professional Aquascapers to people who have just bought their first fish. I don't want this to change. We are probably one of the only groups on Facebook that doesn't have bullies giving newbies a hard time for making classic beginner mistakes we all made at some point. Please don't change guys!!!

Secondly, I need to clarify the new rules regarding advertising on the group. Lothian fishkeepers is in full support of the following traders...

  • Private Breeders selling from their own premises such as shed or house
  • Individual members selling off excess fish etc
  • Shed Traders Registered, Licensed traders do have a place in the hobby 
  • Traditional fish stores The cornerstone of our community
  • Sponsored products from companies I approve for reviews etc

All the above are all welcome to advertise stock anytime the wish. I do ask though, with the exception of the individual fishkeepers, that advertising does not turn the group into a billboard for group shares or links to your business page. Please share links to your group or business on fridays only. Advertising stock can be done anytime in moderation.

From now on Lothian Fishkeepers will not approve any advertising of the following...

  • Stocklist Sharing from wholesale traders
  • Delivery runs from importers 
  • Illegal sales or Arowana 
  • Anything not related to the hobby

I believe by setting these rules, Lothian fishkeepers is doing all we can to help keep our hobby great. I understand that these traders will not stop on other groups but I do believe this it the best way forward for our group.

I welcome all the above to Lothian Fishkeepers tabletop sale and encourage you all to continue doing what you do best.

As you all know East lothian Aquatics is a sponsor of lothian Fishkeepers. I welcome all Traditional stores such as Nemos World, Riverside Aquaria, Eden Aquatics,  to get in touch with Lothian Fishkeepers to see what we can do to improve our hobby.

Thanks again for taking the time to read this guys.

See you all at the Table sale on the 24th!!!

Bye for now

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