The last.

Hi guys,

Hope your all looking forward to the weekend. I've had a busy week with family things so sorry for the low profile. I hope our new Admin William has been taking care of you all ok?

I consider myself lucky to get the opportunity to meet so many nice friendly people that share the same hobby as me. It's overwhelming at first when you see so many people lined up to come into the hall like we did on sunday. I think it shows how strong the hobby is in Scotland. We are beginning to see an increase in shrimp keeping and also aquascaping too.

We all need to continue to breed our fish,  share our success and show our support for local businesses. If we continue to do this we will ensure the next generation of fishkeepers will have a healthy thriving community of fishkeepers, aquascapers, shrimp keepers and all the other genres that make the hobby what it is today.

I would like to know what we could do as a community, to really push the hobby forward. I know big sponsors and companies are willing to support our events and we should not let this go to waste.

If you have any ideas for special events or campaigns we could run, let us know.

Hope you all have a great weekend.

Bye for now

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