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MyTankMonday - Carol Barr

Name: Carol Barr

Age: 55

Location: Clackmannan

Hi Guys,

Carol only joined Lothian Fishkeepers 1 month ago but has fast become one of the most active members we have. Carol was the lucky winner of the Leddy full set up aquarium which was donated by Phil at East Lothian Fishkeepers for our Tabletop Sale and was rather excited and terrified at the same time.

I asked Carol if she would like to share her hobby with us and even while out on photography trips to Dunfermline Glen, she still found the time to answer some questions.
Carol and her pride and joy

How long have you been in the hobby?
  • Got my first tank when I was 7. Dad got me it as a make up coz mum refused to go to Spain for a holiday! Wasn't very long before one....became seven.....! I had a break for a few years, but got back into it last year when I got my tank for my birthday.  History is repeating has fast became three.....with  fourth being worked on!!
  • Was MY tank, but it very quickly became mums tank. To the point one night dad was on the Edinburgh shift (was a bus driver). My fish started having babies and of course the others were eating. Mam freaked out. Grabbed our jackets and together we high tailed it to the bottom of the road and stopped dad's bus expecting him to do something to help.  Dad just turned to the passengers to update them.  "It's OK folks. We are having a confinement tonight!!"

Describe your set up
  • I have my big tank, which is Jewel 190lt. I have a wee external filter booster and a larger all pond solution1000ef. Then a 40lt and a 20lt. (I also have a tank that I won at the table sale in April, but I don't have that set up yet)  basically the techy stuff is left to Martin.  I get to do the good bits like the plants n fish!!

What fish do you keep?
  • In the community tank I've got
    • Dwarf rainbows (love my wee girl, like me, she's never grew very big, but one word from her and the big boys scatter!!)
    • Red swordtail male. Also got his son. Son crossed with a sanke swordtail so the son is easily double in size to his dad
    • Various platys (different ages as they keep having babies!)
    • Four big Cory's and a wee Panda Cory that survived the disaster 
    • Various molly's and guppies 
  • My 40lt has tetras
Carol regards Her Sanke boy as a great achievement

What would you love to keep?
  • My first love is guppies.  Has been since I was wee. I'm just loving the new strains that are coming on the market! I would love to have one of the tanks set just for *special * guppies like the two I bought from Tartan Guppy at the table sale.  I want a Russian Green and Russian Blue. 

What is your biggest achievement?
  • I could say getting my Martin on board with the aquariums. For years he kept telling me that he would never get a tank. Smelled. Doesnt like fish. Etc Etc....but now he's the one googling stuffs!
  • On the fish side, I would have to say my baby Sanke Swordtail.  I found this wee scrap in the wee external filter.  Never thought he would see the night out. See him now! Braw boy!

Any disaster stories?
A closer look as carols smaller tank
  • Oh dear. Sooo many tears were spilled over this one. In my black tank I had my guppies. Did a water change went to bed. When we put the tank light out, the fish were all at the surface. Did think it a bit funny,but dismissed it. Martin got up first to feed them. He came back upstairs.  *best get up Kaz, your fish are all dead!*  I took the stairs two at a time.  Sure enough, there's all my babies. All dead except one wee Panda Cory.  They were all lying with like their skin peeling off. It was horrific. Theory is (and still only a theory) my theory is that they were electrocuted.  When we took the heater out, there was a tiny bit condensation on the inside. My fishes. I can't tell you how long I cried for!

Whats your favourite thing about fish keeping?
  • My favourite thing....I don't know really.  Difficult question.  I like to learn about my guys. Where they come from, what tank mates do they like, are they easy to breed etc. I love that Martin and I share it.  I love that my boys, Barry n Chris also have tanks so we all have something to share and talk about .  And I love, like LOVE, talking to others about them.  Met a man at Martins photography day out today who kept Malawis. Had such a great blether with him! It's something that keeps expanding. You never learn everything.  There's always something new to learn and pass on to others. 

Carol strives for colour when picking fish.

Thanks for letting us into your world for a while Carol. Hope to see many more photos in our group soon.

Hope you enjoyed reading our latest MyTankMonday contact: to be next weeks feature.

Bye for now guys


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