A new way of sharing advice

Hi Guys, 

Our members are really good at helping each other. Everyday I see people asking for advice and each time they get a great response from lots of different people. Never do I see anybody being slated for mistakes or lack of knowledge. This is what Ive always wanted our Facebook group to be like. 

Last week, Carol suggested that we do a weekly focus on one species or subject. We can go into more detail about breeding, biotope and much more if we focus on one topic a week. This isn't to say we can't continue to ask for advice obviously. I can pin the specific thread to the top of the page and we all add our info through the week. At the end of the week, we can create a document for us all to refer back to.

This is just an idea and if anybody has any suggestions, let me know. I only want our group to continue to be a great place for everyone. 

This week I was thinking we could focus on water quality. Ive noticed the topic has come up quite a bit recently and i think it would be good for us all to share our thoughts of achieving and maintaining crystal clear water. Also, what to do when things go wrong.

I will start the thread today and it will be pinned to the top of the page for the whole week.

bye for now guys, 

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