Testing your water just got smart! - JBL Pro scan

Hi Guys,

We all know the importance of good water quality, right? We do regular water changes, condition our water, some of us even use RO/DI water to assure our fish have the best possible quality water. There is as motto I've heard a few people say which is "look after your water and the fish look after themselves"

There has been several different test kits on the market to help us all keep track of our water perimeters and for some they work great. Ive never really been a fan of the test tube kits and always feel they lack consistency.

Ive discovered a new way for me to test my water and its so simple its definitely worth sharing with you guys. Its called PRO SCAN from JBL.

The kit consists of a strip test and a smartphone app. Basically, download the app and follow the instructions. After the test is complete, the app gives you the results and then suggests any changes you should make (if any) to improve your water quality.

The app is free and available for both Apple and Android phones. once downloaded, register and your all set to use the kit.

You have the choice of testing freshwater aquarium water, garden pond water or your tap water. By selecting your water type, the results and advice are tailored to suit your water.

When your ready to test, press start and dip the strip into your water for a few seconds then remove and shake dry.

Once dry, place onto the card and wait until the counter runs down
to zero.

When prompted, use your phone to scan the card and strip for your results.

What I really like about this test kit is that it breaks your results down and explains each one. Also if your water is needing improvement it can suggest additives and methods to fix it. Another feature is that you can store your results and keep track of them. All in all this is a great kit for someone that wants a quick and simple way of keeping on top of your water.

I will be posting a video on the youtube channel soon to demonstrate just how easy it is to use. If you have any experience using this kit, i would like to hear your thoughts too so please comment below.

Thanks for reading guys, Bye for now.

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