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Hi Guys,

As you know we have been testing out some fish food for the guys at Fish Science. I have personally tested the Granular and Flake food made with insect meal along with the Mini Algae wafers made from Spirulina.

I fed the granules to my community tank which houses Praecox Rainbows, Danios, Peacock Gudgeons and some Corydoras. I found all four enjoyed the granular food every time. The granules distributed to all areas of the tank quickly allowing all the fish to get stuck in. Im not sure if it was the smell or taste of the granules but each time they hit the surface, it was a feeding frenzy. 

The mini algae wafers were a big hit with my bristle nose plecos. I also used them in my shrimp tank.  Breaking them up a little gave my shrimp plenty to eat. I never noticed any waste due to the snails mopping up any left overs.

These are the three important factors that I based my opinion on.

  • Fish Acceptance
  • Waste
  • Water Clouding
Starting with the Granular food. I liked using this one the most. I found all fish accepted it, there was zero waste and absolutely no water clouding what so ever. Obviously if your feeding your fish too much then you will get waste. I feed twice a day and had no waste afterwards.

My second best food was the Algae wafers. Its good to find a wafer that has spirulina in the ingredients. This is the best algae you can feed your fish in my opinion and all my bottom feeders enjoyed them. The corydoras would nudge each other out the way until they were all gone. The same went for the bristle nose plecos, They would be the first to start munching on them. I did see some clouding with these wafers but nothing that would put me off using them. Once the wafers were finished, the cloudy water would dissipate quickly. No waste was left over from my catfish and my shrimps and snails left nothing behind either. 

My third choice was the Tropical Flake. Im not a great fan of flake food in general, I do find other types of foods work better. The flake was accepted by most of my top feeders like the Danios and Guppies but i didn't see much interest from anything else other than one of my bristle noses mopping up the left overs. No cloudiness at all which was good considering the length of time it was in the water column. 

So out of the three, my first choice for food that suites a community aquarium would be the Tropical Granular food. 

I tested these foods for almost four weeks and this is my personal opinion. The brand Fish Science has a wide range of foods available and some very interesting coming out soon too. Most of the current range can be found in our sponsor fish shops.

If you would like to find out more about the food mentioned above, please get in touch.

thanks for reading 

bye for now

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