I thought aquariums were supposed to be relaxing.......

We all enjoy setting up a new aquarium. from the panning to the adding of fish. Each stage is just as enjoyable as the next. I particularly enjoy the the planning stage. Continuously looking at fish species, plants, rocks, substrate and putting together my best combination.

One side, and probably the only side of fish keeping I dread, is moving tanks. I can just about cope with moving a tank from one room to an other. Thats not too bad. But, when your moving house and you have 3 aquariums to move, it can get a bit stressful.

Currently, I have a 190 litre, 80 litre and at the time of moving, a 18 litre tank too. This presents me with a multitude of challenges. Where do I put my fish? should i break the tanks down completely and start over? what do I do with substrate? should I set up a temporary tank?

If I put my sensible head on, Im thinking I should set up a temporary tank to house the fish from my 190 litre tank. This would allow me to break it down completely and rescape the tank when I move. This tank only has sand and gravel as substrate so removing the plants won't be too much of a challenge. Most of the plants are rooted in the gravel and not attached to the hardscape which is also good.

My 80 litre tank is a little more challenging. Its mudded with gravel capping the soil. It also has shrimps currently living in it. I could catch them and house them in the 18 litre tank until I move and then reduce the water to a minimum. Transporting the tank should be easy enough, even with a little water at substrate level.

I think I will break the biggest tank down and start over. I also think I will strip most of the larger plants from the 80 litre tank, keeping the carpet grass, Tiger Lotus and Madagascar Lace plants.

As if moving house was not stressful enough.

I thought aquariums were supposed to be relaxing.......

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