Fishkeepers Gone Wild!

There is something mysterious and cool about wild caught fish in the aquarium. To think that fish has come direct from the wild into your aquarium is something of an honour in my eyes. While the selection of farm or tank bred fish on the market is vast and offers almost every kind of fish, certain fish just don't breed in these conditions which means to own some of these little gems, we look to importers that catch these fish and ship them overseas.

Marine fishkeepers will know that about 90% of the fish they keep are wild caught, while only 10% of freshwater fish are wild caught. this is due to the difficulties replicating the wild reef conditions for breeding.

There are many debates covering the topic of wild caught fish imports. The arguments surrounds two factors, the live population levels of these fish and the livelihood of the fishermen catching these fish as a source of income. Each have valid points but ultimately if fish are caught sensibly then I am of the opinion that is is a good thing for the local villages and also the fish keeper.

Until recently, I was not aware of many wild caught freshwater fish outside the Catfish species. I knew of a few african cichlids and some other species but my knowledge went no further. With the increase in interest on Lothian Fishkeepers surrounding wild fish, I have spoken to our sponsors and I will be running a weekly blog fort the next 4 weeks to share with you all the wild fish for sale at our sponsors stores.

Our first week will be Eden Aquatics & Reptiles in Gorgie Rd, Edinburgh.

Currently Eden have 21 different types of wild caught fish on sale. Below is a list of each fish.

  • Agassizi cichlid - Apistogramma agassizi 
  • Shovel nose catfish - Sorubim Lima
  • Skunk Cory - Corydoras Arcuatus
  • Loreto Cory - Corredoras Loretoensis
  • Rusty cory - Corydoras Rabat
  • Brown Hoplo - Hoplosternum Littorale
  • Clown pleco - Panaqolus Maccus
  • L82 snowball pleco
  • L202 - Peckoltia Lineola
  • Marbled Hatchetfish - Carnegiella Strigata
  • Hockeystick pencil fish - Nannostomus Eques 
  • Coral Red pencil fish - Nannostomus Mortenthaleri
  • Marginatus pencil fish -Nannostomus marinates 
  • Zerba Otto - Ottocinclus coccama
  • Green Neon tetra - Paracheirodon nines
  • Red Phantom tetra - Hyphessobrycon Sweglesi
  • Bleeding heart tetra - Hyphessobrycon Eruthorstigma 
  • Splash tetra- Copella Arnoldi 
  • Flame tetra - Hyphessobrycon flames
  • Rainbow/neon goby - Stiphodon elegans
  • Lamb chop rasbora - Trigonostigma espei

One of my favourites from above has to be the Neon Goby. Ever since my reef tank, I have always liked the gobies. They are so full of character and great to watch.

Minimum Tank Size20 gallons
Care LevelEasy - Moderate
Water Conditions72-80° F, KH 2-12, pH 6.5-7.5
Max. Size2"
Color FormBlue, Silver
CompatibilityView Chart
OriginFar East

These little guys are amazing algae grazers love faster flowing water so if you intend on keeping them, the addition of a powerhead would be a good idea. They offer up some stunning colourations and seem to never stop grazing.

Another one that caught my eye was the Zebra Otto - Ottocinclus Coccama. Although small, these dwarf suckers stand out for sure. In the wild, these little guys are found amongst dense planted creeks of Peru so a planted tank is a must to make them feel at home. They can also be kept in groups of 5 or 6 of you have a tank size of 20g or above.

This is some of the wild caught fish Eden Aquatics currently have in stock.

Marginatus pencil fish -Nannostomus marginatus 
Skunk Cory - Corydoras Arcuatus

Marbled Hatchetfish - Carnegiella Strigata
Rusty cory - Corydoras Rabauti

Loreto Cory - Corydoras Loretoensis
Shovel nose catfish - Sorubim Lima

Be sure to research any new fish before you buy and know that you can provide the correct care for them. Our sponsors are always available to give advice in store and online via the group or the their shop pages so please ask before buying.

If you would like any of our sponsor stores to source a species for you, please get in touch. I hope you enjoyed looking at these amazing wild caught fish and I have gave you some ideas.

Thanks for reading, Bye for now.

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