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Fish Shop Stories - The Fin Room

Hi Guys,

I know you have all been enjoying reading about our fellow fishkeepers and their tanks. I myself really enjoy writing them. Its always good to find out who is behind some of the best aquariums in the group.

However, behind all great fishkeepers are great fish shops. This has gave me the idea of speaking to our local fish shops and finding out more about the people that run these shops.

First up is The Fin Room in Motherwell. This shop has been open for just over a year now and has quickly established themselves in the the hobby.

Shop Name: The Fin Room Aquatics & Pets

Owner: Danielle Jordan

Location: 242 Merry Street, Motherwell, ML1 1ND

Established: 4th February 2016

So Danielle, what led you to owning a fish shop? 

I have kept lots of fish over the years starting from one tank to having 26! Ha! Converting a large cupboard in my house my hobby grew to finally opening a shop! Talk about hobbiest gone mad! But it's all good, I currently have a discus setup at home with a few empty tanks lying around begging to be refilled! I also spent some time managing a local fish shop called Lanarkshire Aqua.

Sounds like your right into it then. Is there any fish you kept yourself that you have still to come across in the trade? And old favourites you really enjoy seeing again in the shop?

Yes actually but I ended up selling them!! South American Leaf fish and I haven't seem since, go figures! Would love to get some in the shop. I have a few favourites I had quite a few betta setups and I still get really excited when a new batch arrives! I also kept a flowerhorn, she was a big pet! Always great having them in even if it's just for drooling over ha!

The leaf fish is pretty cool, I have to say. It must be annoying when you get some cracking fish in and see them moving on. I would be a rubbish fish shop owner, I would end up holding all the cool fish and selling the boring suff.

Flower horns are another awesome fish but not everyone's cup of tea. It must be a bit of a gamble bringing them into the shop surely? They are not cheap and require a certain kind of fishkeeper?

Yes true, but anything other than bread and butter fish can be a gamble in shops. I have a very diverse range of customers and now we are delivering across the UK we can really target the fishkeepers who are interested in the more unusual and specialist species and get them in their tanks.

That's a good way of looking at it. Delivering? What brought this about? Will you be launching a website?

I had a website but struggled to find the time to update so it became inactive. I will be activating and updating it again soon. I actually had the website before I had the shop. Im Just having to move with the times these days. I get a lot of fishkeepers asking for a delivery service so we had to accomodate and with our online auctions, delivery is essential for some buyers. It means everyone can pick up a bargain.

I personally thinkable shops will have to offer some kind of online services soon. Well done for making it happen. Like you said, move with the times. The bigger your customer base the better. Apart from the website, do you have any other big things in the pipeline?

I'm always changing things and expanding where needed upgrading and bringing in new lines. But I do have a planned increase the amount of tanks we currently hold.

Have you ever considered a new premises for more space?

Not really, I'm in a central location now which gets plenty passing trade I always have a spare room through the back if I need to expand further. Right now I'm making good use of the current space but who knows what the future holds!
With all this going on at the fin room, does this take the fun out of keeping fish and do you still have tanks at home?

It adds to the fun. Albiet tons of work, but being around likeminded people day in day out is great! And I still have my discus tank at home in my livingroom I couldn't be without a tank in my home. Every home should have one haha!

I say, a home is not a home unless it has a fishtank. Its great to hear of a fish shop owner totally dedicated to the hobby. So other than fishkeeping, what else do you get up to?

Haha well I'm in the shop six days a week. My spare time is spent with my three children and they sometimes help out in the shop too!

Well thanks Danielle, for taking out your busy day to answer some questions for Lothian Fishkeepers. Its great to get to know more about who is behind the counter. I believe all fishkeepers should have a good relationship with their local store.

Thanks for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed it, please check out the video below for more of the fish thats currently available at the Fin Room.


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