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Hi Guys,

An air pump is something almost every fish keeper has or will have at some point in their hobby lifetime. Wether its providing air to a deep sea diver or running a sponge filter, the air pump provides a service to your aquarium but can often, and in my own experience, be noisy and somewhat ineffective - which has been the case in my experience.

When my 60l aquarium was needing some surface agitation, I considered adding additional filtration but with this aquarium being home to my Betta Edithae, I was not keen to increase the flow. My solution was to add a small air stone simply to oxygenate the water and at the same time disrupt the surface of the water.

My previous experience on air pumps were that they were noisy, ineffective and even vibrated themselves right of the ledge. I spent a while looking at the various options and eventually decided on  the NeoAir pump from Interpet.

I didn't need a powerful pump, I only had a 60l tank. I also wasn't operation anything more than an air stone either so I really didn't want to create a jacuzzi at the same time.

An air pump is an air pump you might think - and I'm guilty of this myself until I started looking around. However, the NeoAir employs a new technology which on paper sounded perfect for me. Features such as "Silent" and "no maintenance" are listed in the product description (even on the packaging) so looking at the size of it and its ability to sucker to the size of the tank glass, I took the plunge and picked up both the 'mini' and the 'midi' model

Interpet list the following features on the packaging so I figured these three points would be what I would evaluate the NeoAir on for the purpose of my review.

  • Small and easy to hide
  • High output for a fun and healthy aquarium
  • No maintenance required

Small and easy to hide

Measuring up at a neat 9cm x 5.5cm x 4cm, it really is compact. Its flatter and smaller than any other air pump I've seen. Interpet have utilised the latest electrical oscillation technology which means there are no replacement parts. It would be very easy to hide it out of sight if needed. The sucker fitting makes it very easy to attach to the side or back of the aquarium and the wall clip offers another way of keeping things tidy.

High output for a fun and healthy aquarium

I have used mine on my sons bedroom tank. Its running a basic air stone (blue) attached to the rear glass just under the outlet pipe. The bubbles are fast and furious. I was really surprised at just how much air is produced. Unfortunately, I don't have any treasure chests or deep sea divers to power up but based on what I've seen,  I know the midi model would do the job easily.

No maintenance required

Interpet boast the use of some new oscillation technology which eliminates the need for a diaphragm inside the casing. Older style air pumps used moving parts which required replacing from time to time. Im not sure if the lack of diaphragm is responsible for the silent operation but there really no sound from the unit itself. I was able to set this up in only a few minutes and knowing that there will be no maintenance, makes this the easiest piece of equipment Im currently using.

The NeoAir kit came with everything I needed to start blowing bubbles straight from the box (which I like) Made by Interpet, I knew it would work but I was unsure about the "silent" claim. All to often manufacturers state claims like this and they are just untrue. (remember those X-ray glasses?) So I was pretty impressed that it really was silent. I can honestly say that it does exactly what it says on the box!

This is a great little air pump. It could run a sponge filter in a shrimp tank, provide much needed oxygen to a diver trapped at the bottom of your aquarium or even provide a curtain of bubbles. Whatever you want to use the NeoAir pump for, I'm sure you will be as satisfied as I have been with mine.

I would like to offer one lucky reader the opportunity to try one out for themselves so I have 1 x NeoAir Mini to give away this month. For your chance to win, go to the top of this page and subscribe to follow our blog. I will pick one lucky subscriber at random on the 14th August.

Thanks for reading guys

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