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Freshwater Life Project - Charity auction

Hi Guys, 

John Cudworth, a Lothian Fishkeepers member maintains clients aquariums all over Scotland. His company Auqalandscape has been looking after one aquarium in particular for over 6 years. With the closure of this clients bar, the aquarium is no longer required and John has been asked to close it down. 

Closing down aquariums is always a tricky job at the best of times but for John its made even trickier due to John only being in the area one day a week. This is why He has decided to donate the contents of this aquarium to a charity. The charity he has picked is called The Freshwater Life Project.

The Freshwater Life Project is a team of independent researchers working towards preserving aquatic habitats worldwide to ensure the future of the wildlife that lives on them and ensure freshwater ecosystems thrive well into the future. 

John has asked me to organise the auction on his behalf and I think the best way to do this is to offer two different auctions. One for the plants and hardscape and the other for the fish. Each auction is for the complete list and therefor bidders should know they are bidding on the following:

Auction number one

  • Giant Vallisneria - this makes up the bulk of the plants)
  • Cryptocoryne - a mixture of crypts in various conditions
  • Java Fern - large bunches all over the aquarium
  • Various other plants scattered about.
  • Various pieces of driftwood and branches with Java Fern attached
Auction number two

  • 7 x Silver Sharks, approx 6-8 inches
  • 2 x Fully grown Siamese Algae Eaters
  • 2 x Adult Tiger Barbs
  • 3 x Bristlenose Places (at least 1 x male and 2 x females)
  • 2 x Pimelodus Pictus, a possible pair (or maybe something similar) 
  • 3 x Massive Amano Shrimp
The gravel is also filled with an infinite amount of Malaysian Trumpet Snails working away turning the gravel over and cleaning up excess food etc which will be available too.
To give you an idea of the size of fish and plants, the aquarium is the
Juwel Rio Vision 26o which is 120cm long.
I am going to run the auctions on our Facebook page for the next two weeks. Simply place your bid in the comments to enter and the highest bidder at the end of the two weeks will be the lucky winner.

Why not get together with some friends and split the fish? As long as each auction is collected at one time, this is perfectly fine. The nature of this tank closure only requires that everything is collected at the same time.

All funds raised are for a great cause so bid generously but before placing a bid, please consider the following terms to prevent any disappointment.

  • Winner must collect from Edinburgh in person
  • Collection must be arranged via John Cudworth
  • Only place our bid if you are 100% sure you can collect everything in person

Bidding will start at zero and all bids are taken as your intention to win these brilliant prizes. The winners can pay via PayPal and 100% of the winning bid will go straight to The Freshwater Life Project to help support them and their worth cause.

If you have any questions please contact me by emailing or by sending a message on Facebook.

Good luck guys


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