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We have some great aquarium shops throughout the country. I thought it would be a good idea to list as many as possible in order to let people know about them. I asked the members of Lothian Fishkeepers Facebook group for suggestions and based on the feedback, I contacted the following stores and invited them to be listed in our 'Directory of Scottish Aquatics Shops'.

Our directory is by no means complete. There is no rating applied to any shops included and all shops have been suggested by members of our community. The aim is to offer our readers a workable list of  places to visit.

If you have any suggestions for the directory please email

Dobbies Garden Centre
Melville Nursery

Tel: 0131 6639814

  • Great saltwater section with lots of corals and fish species on sale
  • Wide selection of cold water & tropical fish available
  • Massive dry goods section
  • Dedicated system for freshwater inverts and Betta fish
  • Multiple display tanks running to showcase different styles

Pets & Aquarium Supplies
86 Quarry Street

Tel: 01698 282489

  • 3rd Generation family ownership 
  • Very Clean and well presented
  • Good all round selection of tropical fish 
  • Friendly and helpful staff

Dobbies Garden Centre
Drip Road

Tel: 01786 446131

  • Great selection display tanks up and running
  • Always has well stocked saltwater, tropical and cold water tanks 
  • Very nice range of Stendker Discus on offer
  • Friendly staff always ready to help

7 Tam’s Brig

Tel: 07462 379731

  • Free parking to the rear of the shop
  • Nice selection of Rift lake cichlids
  • Quality marine fish, corals & Inverts

Dunbar Garden Centre
Spott Road
East Lothian
EH42 1BF

Tel: 01368238038

  • Stunning 1000 litre display tank housing tiger shovel nose catfish, adult places and angelfish
  • Good range of Cichlids
  • A continuous display of 13 different Betta fish at all times

5 Croft Estate
Glasgow Road


Tel: 01324 849888


  • Large selection of dry goods
  • Stunning displays and modern design
  • Several odd ball species on offer
  • Voted top PFK top 40 retailer 2017
  • Great aquascaping section

Williamsons Garden Centre
West Lothian


Tel: 01506 811181

  • Friendly & knowledgeable staff
  • Good selection of tropical fish & freshwater shrimp
  • Aquascaping section
  • Voted top PFK top 40 retailer 2017
  • Healthy offering of pond fish available throughout the season

The Fin Room & Aquatics
242 Merry Street
North Lanarkshire

  • Free parking
  • Good selection of wild caught fish
  • Semi-aquatic section with Axololts, mudskippers, crabs and frogs
  • Rare & oddballs 
  • Great Betta fish selection

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